About Torrid Art

Torrid Art is a showcase for the work of erotic photographer Ryder Aedan Perry. We produce all the photo sessions for the site; the photos are 100% original.

In addition to the galleries of fine photos, there are videos showing photo sessions actually being made. There are also behind-the-scenes photo galleries showing the models as themselves between sets.

Torrid Art is based in Los Angeles. You may recognize some of the models. The Torrid Art models range from beginners to unknowns to adult celebrities and porn stars. They are all photographed in the Torrid Art style of erotic photography, described below.

Welcome to Torrid Art! Enjoy!

The erotic photography of Torrid Art

We believe that erotic photography can be much more than merely photos of female flesh. Ryder relies on his years of experience in photography, lighting and working with models to produce beautiful, interesting and intimate photographs.

One of Ryder's goals is to produce "honest" photographs - in other words, without heavy glamour or retouching (airbrushing). The theme of the galleries is often referred to as "girl next door." The look is every-day and casual. We do not use "play" wardrobe, like "sexy nurse." But that theme does not preclude the executive/secretary look, nylons or a little black dress. Those looks may be part of the "girl next door's" everyday work attire, or a night out on the town.

An important part of an erotic photograph is the emotional content. Ryder strives for real, or honest, emotions, expressions and body language.

We believe that photos taken in real locations are much more erotic than photos taken in sterile studios with bare studio backdrops. We use real homes that people live in for our locations.

The photo galleries start with the model fully clothed. She undresses, teases and shows herself to the viewer.