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Free Previews of All Full Galleries

March 10th, 2016

Some visitors to Torrid Art might be unaware that you can see thumbnail previews of every gallery. That’s right, you can see every photo on the site! You don’t even have to join. The preview images are thumbnails, but there they are!

torrid art previewsTo view the gallery previews, just click on the gallery name, or the gallery icon.

It has been a few years since I mentioned this feature.  In fact, the last time I mentioned it was way back in 2009! Wow, where does the time go? Here is a link to the 2009 blog: All these recent changes at Torrid Art.

I wonder how many generations of visitors to Torrid Art liked what they saw - they might like some of the models and gallery covers - but didn’t explore enough to know that they can see previews of all the galleries.

The original idea was to give visitors a member’s experience. When you find a model you like, before you join you can see every single photo of every one of her galleries. Of course, viewing a gallery in thumbnail form isn’t quite a full member’s experience. There is nothing like seeing these incredible women in full 4000 pixel size. For that, you need to join. But before joining, you can at least see what the photos look like in small format.


Revised and Removed Download Limits!

February 10th, 2016

Lena NicoleWe had a discussion about those stinking download limits the other day. I asked our webmaster, Martin, if he ever gets questions from members about them. He said yes, on occasion. I asked “what do you tell them?” He said: “I tell them ‘we have our reasons and the dl limits serve a purpose.’” I think that’s kind of funny, but, well, it’s true.  :-)

For several years now, Torrid Art has had a 1 GB/day limit on ZIP files, and 2 GB/day on video files. For what it’s worth, since people had written in, I decided to lobby for a change to the limits. I guess I was throwing my “weight” around. Ha, ha! Well, whatever those “reasons” were and whatever that “purpose” was, after our conversation we decided to double the dl limit on ZIP files to 2 GB/day.

Additionally, the dl limit on video files has been removed. That’s right, no limit on video files! Download all of them in one day, if you want. And speaking of video files, there may be some streaming some day, but for now we continue to follow the lead of our friends at inthecrack.com - a popular, mainly video site.  Like In The Crack, the video files on Torrid Art remain download only.

Moreover, for your downloading pleasure, download speed from Torrid Art is NOT throttled - that includes videos, ZIPs and all things downloadable - it is only limited by the maximum server speed and/or your ISP and intermediate pathways.

Happy downloading!

Thanks for your support, and keep those cards and letters coming!


What’s up with those crazy galleries?

January 9th, 2016

There have been a few galleries lately that are a little different. Well, some aren’t that different, just slightly different from my usual “girl next door” fare on Torrid Art. But others are downright offbeat.

Zayda J premier 01It all started before my shoot day with Zayda J. I had the idea that I wanted to try some new things, like maybe some different lighting and wardrobe. Zayda seemed like a good model to “experiment” with. I figured one gallery wouldn’t hurt, and it wouldn’t be that different. So I experimented with Zayda’s aptly named gallery the premier.

The premier debuted on Torrid Art in January 2015. It just appeared, with no fanfare, in the usual update rotation - a gallery different from the rest. It was briefly identified in newsletter #101 as “experimental,” but I haven’t mentioned it in the blog before. (You can subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of any page.) I think it’s time I let you know what’s up with the premier and some galleries that followed.

Before even photographing the premier, I was pretty sure it would not be terribly popular with the members. People join Torrid Art for that signature “girl next door” look. So why was I messing with that look? Because I felt constrained as a photographer. I needed to move on, evolve, cut loose (at least a little!). For my own sanity, I simply had to try new things, and I was willing to “sacrifice” one little gallery. Nothing else was changed - the other galleries of Zayda I photographed that day are standard Torrid Art handiwork.

Carol Luna quick study 02The Torrid Art videos are edited to mostly show the model at work during a photo set. But in each video you can still see just how much fun we have while photographing the galleries.  I love shooting for Torrid Art and working with these talented, hard working, incredible young women. But the premier added a new dimension to the enjoyment. In fact, the gallery was buoyant fun for all of us: Zayda, the makeup artist, the assistant and me. Maybe you can see that in the photos.

After that monumental day with Zayda, I felt that shooting “experimental” galleries would be a good thing. Even if the experiments didn’t really work, the act of creating them would bring new energy to all the galleries I shoot that day. So ever since that first experiment with Zayda, I tried to do something different with one gallery of each model.

Ashley Lane barnstorming 15So far, not every model that followed Zayda has an “experimental” gallery - it depends on the model and the time constraints for that day. Nevertheless, there are some notable galleries. Here are my favorites.

Carol Luna quick study. We had a blast inventing and photographing Carol’s quick study gallery, with black backgrounds and strong shadows. It seemed to match Carol’s appearance and little schoolgirl skirt, not to mention those big boots!

Ashley Lane barnstorming. I took a different approach than experimenting with lighting and wardrobe. I experimented with what the model was doing. Ashley’s barnstorming gallery looks like a typical Torrid Art gallery of a girl next door (aside from the voyeur photos at the beginning). But instead of a formally erotic stripping gallery, Ashley simply sat on a bed and tried on several cute outfits. It wasn’t formally erotic, but it was formally fun!

Xandra Sixx the inside edge 01Xandra  Sixx the inside edge. The house where I photographed Xandra just happened to have this strange, carpeted opening in the floor. I called it “the pit.” I couldn’t resist putting Xandra down in “the pit”. She had some great clothes, including black nylons with runs! I asked the makeup artist to get creative. I tried to make “the pit” appear as a closed box. It is perhaps the strangest gallery I ever photographed. I don’t know if you like it, but we really had fun making it! Btw, if you want to see what “the pit” looks like from the outside, look through Xandra’s behind-the-scenes gallery.

Now you know why there are some crazy galleries in the recent group. They are necessary for my sanity. A friend tells me I should have started them long ago. :-)


More scams. Really?

September 14th, 2015

Here we go again.  Another case of some douche nozzle trying to scam a model was brought to my attention recently.  These things bug me.  I have fond memories of every model I ever worked with.  In the course of our shoot day we became friends.  It is particularly distressing when I hear about these hard-working young women being taken advantage of.  I wish I could stop hearing about these scams, but I know we are too immature as a society and a species, so we have to put up with shitheads who have no morals and no conscience, who think it’s okay to hurt people.  It seems like you should have to take a test before you are allowed to interact with other humans.

Ashley Lane 053cI know these butt-wipes are part of our society so I do my best to alert independent, freelance models to be aware of scams.  Models who work through model agencies are protected from scammers, but there are a lot of young women who enjoy modeling, or want to try it, yet have neither the time nor interest to sign on with an agency.  These women advertise for modeling work and take whatever comes their way.  The inexperienced, excitable beginners can be targets of scammers.

Here is what happened.  We were contacted recently by a young woman on the east coast of the US.  She had been looking for a job and had placed an ad on Craigslist.  One response to the ad offered pretty good money and the prospect of continuous work.  He claimed to be located in California, with “sub-contractor studios” in many large cities across the US.  And he claimed to represent Torrid Art.  It was a pretty good offer, maybe too good.  Wisely, she contacted us to see if this guy’s story held water.

Tiffany T 071aWhat made this incident even more outrageous is that the model was not a model at all.  She was not advertising for a modeling job, she was looking for office work.  She had a college degree and was highly qualified for a variety of office jobs.  Unfortunately, she made the decision to include a photo of herself in the ad.  She was young and pretty, and that was enough to trigger a scammer’s interest.  She received a response to her ad all right, but the offer was for modeling work, specifically nude modeling.

His story, of course, did NOT hold water.  Among the many holes in the story (which I wont go into in case our douche nozzle is reading), he did NOT represent Torrid Art.  The first “demo” photo session would be performed in his California studio after paying all travel expenses.  Afterward, if the “producers” approved, further sessions would be shot locally in a sub-contractor studio, and the woman would earn a few thousand dollars per month for the foreseeable future.

Odette 054I don’t know which scam this miscreant was into.  Maybe he would send the prospective model a check to cover travel, and then say he sent too much and ask for some money back.  In this scenario, before she finds out that the check was bad, she might send this slimeball some money.  By then he has dropped off the radar and she soon discovers that his “company” is non-existent.  No matter what he was up to, we are sure it was a scam, and we said as much to the model in no uncertain terms.

This young, pretty woman had the misfortune of including a photo of herself in her ad looking for office work.  That opened her up to scumbags who offer young, pretty women a lot of money to pose nude.  Some women don’t find out until it’s too late that these shitheads have no jobs and no money to offer - it was only a scam.  I’m just glad I was able to alert this young, pretty woman before it was too late.  But I wonder how many other young, pretty women this asshole has scammed.

I love the cop shows on TV.  I love seeing the robbers, thieves and generally bad guys get caught and locked up.  But in real life, sometimes the bad guys don’t get caught or punished, instead they are rewarded for their criminal behavior.  That makes me mad.  And when it comes to crime against models, it makes me really mad.

My previous blog about scams on models:
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“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”
The Dalai Lama

Preview: Xandra Sixx

May 30th, 2015

Young models just starting their career often surprise me with some completely natural-looking and highly erotic poses.  I asked young but multi-talented Xandra to be many different characters during our photo sessions, and some of her poses made my socks roll up and down.

While I continued my recent bent of experimenting with new light, settings and wardrobe, Xandra remained comfortable, confident and highly erotic.  She made each new gallery a living pageant of her naturally erotic poses.


Xandra Sixx 046


Xandra Sixx 156


Xandra Sixx 157


Xandra Sixx 291


Xandra Sixx 207


Xandra Sixx 143


Xandra Sixx 169


Xandra Sixx 157a