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Revised and Removed Download Limits!

Lena NicoleWe had a discussion about those stinking download limits the other day. I asked our webmaster, Martin, if he ever gets questions from members about them. He said yes, on occasion. I asked “what do you tell them?” He said: “I tell them ‘we have our reasons and the dl limits serve a purpose.’” I think that’s kind of funny, but, well, it’s true.  :-)

For several years now, Torrid Art has had a 1 GB/day limit on ZIP files, and 2 GB/day on video files. For what it’s worth, since people had written in, I decided to lobby for a change to the limits. I guess I was throwing my “weight” around. Ha, ha! Well, whatever those “reasons” were and whatever that “purpose” was, after our conversation we decided to double the dl limit on ZIP files to 2 GB/day.

Additionally, the dl limit on video files has been removed. That’s right, no limit on video files! Download all of them in one day, if you want. And speaking of video files, there may be some streaming some day, but for now we continue to follow the lead of our friends at inthecrack.com - a popular, mainly video site.  Like In The Crack, the video files on Torrid Art remain download only.

Moreover, for your downloading pleasure, download speed from Torrid Art is NOT throttled - that includes videos, ZIPs and all things downloadable - it is only limited by the maximum server speed and/or your ISP and intermediate pathways.

Happy downloading!

Thanks for your support, and keep those cards and letters coming!


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