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A model to die for, and a coffin: a tribute to Jana Cova

Jana Cova I arrived at the house for my photo session with Jana Cova (pronounced Yana, rhymes with Donna).  It was a last-minute replacement location and I didn’t like it - it was not a good fit with Jana and had too many near-white walls.  For photography, I am not a fan of white walls.

The first thing is to look through the house and decide where to set up for a gallery of Jana. The home owner showed us around to all the rooms.  In a corner of the house we stumbled upon a coffin.  A real coffin!  The owner ignored it like it wasn’t there.  When I timidly asked about it, he assured me it was empty.  It had been rented for use in a “Halloween” party a few nights before.  We joked about using it in a photo set with Jana, and didn’t mention the coffin again after that!

When I started my blog more than two years ago, I thought I might, among other things, use it to write about the Torrid Art photo sessions.  But when the blog finally started, and it came time to write, I changed my mind.  My relationships with the models are critical to my work, and I was concerned that by writing about the photo sessions I might jeopardize my good standing with them.  I may be wrong about that, but regardless, I don’t write about the photo sessions.

But all that has changed, at least for two sessions with Jana Cova.  Jana lives in Czech Republic.  She has been traveling to Los Angeles to work for several years.  I decided to write about Jana and her photo sessions because she is retiring from a long and very successful career in nude modeling.  And because, for all that time, she has been a model to die for, whether you are a viewer of photographs or a photographer.

Jana Cova 2During the “coffin” photo session in late 2008 Jana stole our hearts with her charm, and then told us she was considering retiring from modeling.  On her model page at Torrid Art I later wrote that I would like her to reconsider. We always need more hot MILFs on Torrid Art, and in a few years she will be an incredible MILF.

She did reconsider - though probably not because I asked her to! - and one year later made another trip to LA.  This trip would seem to be her last, and her decision to retire, final.

Our photo session with Jana in November 2009 was a special one.  I didn’t know her well, having only worked with her once before, but we all felt a connection with her.  I felt sad that I would not work with her again.  Jana is a model with beauty, class, charm and personality.

Jana CovaAs a true professional, Jana takes care of herself, both physically and mentally, as you can see in her photos.  I appreciate that with models.  I don’t mind saying that too many models don’t take care of their skin, among other things.  Jana looked better the second time.  She had clearly been working out and her skin was impeccable.

In our photo session in 2008 Jana was totally professional, easygoing, warm and charming.  She was all those things in 2009 in spite of the sadness she must have felt so close to the end of a long, successful career, and leaving so many friends in LA that she had made over the years.

Have a good retirement, Jana.  It was great working with you.


4 Responses to “A model to die for, and a coffin: a tribute to Jana Cova”

  1. Capn Says:

    A lady as beautiful & elegant as Jana really should not ever permanently retire.
    Some charismatic people such as her are photogenic even into dotage.

    Cap’n. :0)

  2. Jim Woolsey Says:

    Cap’n: I agree with all that you said in your blog; especially about Jana and her retirement. Being a new member I am sorry I was so late in getting to the party and seeing the lovely Jana.
    I guess everybody has an ideal in how a lady should appear, and how she should undress for a male friend, lover etc. etc. I’ll keep mine short. First you need a girl as lovely as Jana. I haven’t seen many others who could compete.
    Having seen a certain undressing routine long ago in a London club near Piccadilly, I have a fovorite. It means much more to me if the lady undresses from the inside out. The panties, or thong should be the first thing to go! Then you know that tey are not there.Then the bra, if it’s possible with the rest of the ensemble. If not, then should not be worn in the first place.
    The charm of all of this is the knowledge that under that skirt and top, or dress, there is nothing at all. I don’t want her to remove the outter garments for a while; I just want to savor the moment, if you will.
    Jana’s brown dress and heels set comes the closest to this. I’ve tried; and if you rearrange the sequence of photos, you can almost have it. In the shots when she is standing with the dress still on, you can imagine that there is nothing except her charms under the skirt. I wish that you could persuade her to do this one last routine.

  3. Jim Woolsey Says:

    Ishoul appreciate a reply to my comment.

  4. Khairul Says:

    I’m really going to miss one fantastic lady… whatever it is there’s always an end to everything, best of luck.

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