April ONeil behind the scenes
Behind The Scenes

hotos don't come close to capturing the experience of working closely with these incredible women. But the behind-the-scenes (BTS) photos perhaps come closer than the regular galleries.

The BTS photos show the models outside the formal setting of the regular galleries. The model might be nude, dressed or dressing; looking through her wardrobe; walking somewhere; getting her makeup applied or her hair done; interacting with the stylist; talking on the phone or just relaxing.

Outside the setting of the normal galleries, when the model is "behind the scenes," she is truly herself.

The BTS galleries will not appeal to everyone. The photos can be candid, playful or serious, but they are not meant to be well lit, formally erotic photos.

The BTS photos are just photos of incredible women behind the scenes. These photos have their own kind of eroticism.

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