Dani Daniels

f you are a fan of goose bumps and hard nipples on very beautiful women, take a very close look at Dani's first few galleries. It wasn't planned that way, but they were photographed on the same day in the same very cold house.

Dani is a very sweet and charming young woman, and a very professional model. The cold temperatures in the house didn't affect her modeling in the least; she remained focused, and produced some very erotic galleries.

In Dani's "radiant warmth" gallery, left, I tried to set the lights to accentuate the goose bumps for all the aficionados. I hope it worked!

The gallery includes two windows in the background showing some sunshine and leafy trees. To many, the view out the windows indicates warmth, in contrast to the goose bumps on Dani's skin, which indicate cold. The windows add some color to the gallery, and also a nice reflection on the counter top. Add Dani's colorful, floral dress, and this gallery has more interesting elements than a typical kitchen gallery.

DANI'S PROFILE: Full Name: Dani Daniels Country: USA Heritage: Czech Height: 5'7" (170cm) Weight: 120lbs (54.3kg) Meas: 32C-24-36 Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Blue
Dani Photo Galleries