Davie Archer

odels always remember their first nude photo session. Davie did a great job with hers, and gave us some stimulating variety.

There is something hot about a model who looks nervous, shy and self conscious. I'm not saying Davie is any of those, I'm just saying that those things can be very hot.

For Davie's "reflections" gallery, left, I gave her a very difficult task even for experienced models - I asked her to work with only railings as her props.

But even with those adversities, Davie performed exceptionally well. She brought her own kind of eroticism to the gallery, and that is all I ever want from any model.

And Davie used her inexperience to great advantage, making a very memorable gallery for us all.

DAVIE'S PROFILE: Full Name: Davie Archer Country: USA Heritage: Iceland, Hungary Height: 5'7" (170cm) Weight: 115lbs (52.0kg) Meas: 34B Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel
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