Emy Reyes

my naturally looks younger than she is. And since she is athletic, active and takes care of herself, it's a look she may keep for many years to come. Add that young, athletic look to her professional, easy-going attitude, and it all makes for a very versatile model.

Unlike my photographer friends, I love photographing dark skin. It can be a challenge to light well, but the results can be particularly rewarding.

Can you tell that I just love working with Emy?

We started Emy's "shower" photo session rather early in the morning, and with the prospect of a refreshing shower, Emy was eager to get started! And so was I!

EMY'S PROFILE: Full Name: Emy Reyes Country: USA Heritage: Honduras Height: 5'1" (155cm) Weight: 110lbs (49.7kg) Meas: 32A Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
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