Leanna Leigh

he "girl next door" is an indefinite ideal encompassing many forms. Though it is something different for everyone, to most people the ideal has some degree of innocence and reservation.

Leanna fits many people's ideal. She is happy yet coy, a treasure chest kept under lock and key. Look too close and her reserved expressions may deceive you. Her natural poses also convey an overall reticence. Though she gives herself to you, you always know there is more.

Leanna begins her "starters" gallery wearing a large men's dress shirt in this "high key" kitchen with light tones. The large shirt gives the impression that Leanna is the girlfriend staying over. The bright feel of this gallery is augmented by a light placed outside pointing in through a window over the sink, and adds to the impression that this is the morning after.

LEANNA'S PROFILE: Full Name: Leanna Leigh Country: USA Height: 5'7" (170cm) Weight: 130lbs (58.8kg) Meas: 34B Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green
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