Presley Hart

pend an afternoon with Presley, and you will be hooked too. She is independent, smart, stylish, fun, confident, passionate and magnetic - she gets under your skin. During our photo session I was fascinated by her.

Presley and I have a lot in common too. And I know that if you met her, you would feel the same way. She is so worldly and charming that she makes everyone feel comfortable.

For her tendu gallery shown here, the enchanting curves of Presley's hips are, at least initially, accentuated by her short-lived, tight, black skirt, while the exquisite shape of her breasts are highlighted by long chains.

Who cares that the gallery is photographed in a simple setting of a couch against a wall?!

PRESLEY'S PROFILE: Full Name: Presley Hart Country: USA Height: 5'2" (157cm) Weight: 100lbs (45.2kg) Meas: 32B (81cm) Hair: Brown
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