Shyla Jennings

ig smiles usually don't have a place in my erotic photography. I just don't think the emotions behind a big smile fit with eroticism. However, small smiles can add some nice variety, but only small smiles.

Shyla has a wonderful little smile that I actually asked for several times during our photo sessions. She is perennially relaxed and happy, and her smile is a natural expression of her personality. And as you know, I want the models to be themselves and express their own personalities. It's another way I add variety to the galleries of Torrid Art.

So I couldn't resist asking Shyla to smile now and then. Her smile fit so well with her personality and bright face. So if there are too many smiles in her galleries, you know who to blame.

For Shyla's "all the right places" gallery (left), I used simple lighting and a simple background. Truth be told, the location for this gallery was a last-minute change based on a suggestion from Shyla.

Beauty, brains and good taste. What more could we ask?

SHYLA'S PROFILE: Full Name: Shyla Jennings Country: USA Heritage: German, Spanish Height: 5'2" (158cm) Weight: 103lbs (46.6kg) Meas: 32B-25-33 Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Green
Shyla Photo Galleries