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What the Torrid Art Affiliate Program offers affiliate webmasters:

  • Exclusive content seen nowhere else
  • 50% of sales including rebills for the life of the member
  • Cookies set to 14 days
  • 10% of webmaster referrals for the life of the webmaster
  • Program administered by CCBill
  • New FHGs, ZIP files, news and program updates sent in our bi-weekly newsletter

About Torrid Art, for webmasters

No Airbrushing or Heavy Makeup
Many sites process their photographs with a one-button plugin that leaves the models with "plastic" skin, looking like mannequins. Oppressively heavy makeup often completes a distant, "plastic" look.

Many of your visitors want to see what warm women really look like. The Torrid Art models are not airbrushed. We incorporate only light retouching for things like skin blemishes.

Open Website Design
Torrid Art uses a unique "open" website design. Visitors evaluate the member's experience before joining by previewing any gallery. Moving to this design essentially eliminated chargebacks and increased rebills.

Models range from teenager to MILF, adult celebrity to unknown. They come from around the world. Give your visitors the variety they want.

"Girl Next Door"
The Torrid Art models are photographed in a casual, every-day "girl-next-door" look. The models wear and remove every-day clothes in real locations.

Exclusive, Professional Content
All content is original with high production value. We produce all our own photo shoots using our own professional photographer, Ryder Aedan Perry. Many of your surfers crave large, sharp, well-lit erotic photos.

We use CCBill as our billing partner, so you know payouts are done right.

Promotional Content
We send a biweekly newsletter with new FHGs and zip files.

Partners in Success
It is the creative mind of Ryder Aedan Perry and the "girl next door" business model that have made Torrid Art so successful.

Join us and see if Torrid Art can increase conversions from the traffic you already have.

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